GAIN 2022 2-Part Series
Join us at the 7th Annual GAIN Conference
In-person June 8th and October 18th

GAIN 2022: Supporting the entire GovCon Ecosystem

Brought to you in a two-part series in 
partnership with Washington Technology!

Grow, Accelerate, Innovate and Network. GAIN 2022, is the premier conference focused on training, research insights, networking and member-only experiences that better enable you to reach your government audience. We’ve answered the industry demand! Government Marketing University’s annual conference will launch in a two-part format this year with training topics, featured industry and government thought leaders and a hybrid attendance capability that aligns with the needs of government marketing, communications, sales and business development professionals. GAIN isn’t just for marketers anymore, be sure to register and secure your seat today!

GAIN 2022

The industry spoke and we listened! GAIN is not just for marketers anymore. GAIN is coming to you this year in a 2-part conference format to ensure we are providing you with insights you need to be successful all year long. You don’t want to miss this! Government Marketing University has partner with Washington Technology to create a robust agenda full of hot topics, compelling speakers and YES, networking face to face.
For more information or questions please send us an email at and we’ll get right back to you!

June 8th

Your mid-year check point to ensure you have the latest insights, trends and connections to fill your pipeline, align your sales and marketing strategies and get in front of the right prospects at the right times.

October 18th

The hottest content and speakers to ensure you’re “In the Know”. Join us to hear the latest tips and techniques in reaching your government audience.
GAIN is for business development, sales representatives, communicators, and marketers – everyone from leadership to entry-level positions will find valuable takeaways in this annual conference. You don’t want to miss this must attend two-part conference. Register and secure your seat today!


In-person Full Conference: $695

Virtual Full Conference: $395


In-person Full Conference:

Virtual Full Conference:


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“GovCon is a game of relationships. In Public Sector sales, half the battle is accessing your customer —figuring out who they are, how you reach them, and what you say once you have their attention. Business Developers need to be at the GAIN conference to get valuable insight into each of these components. If you want informational sessions that impact your pipeline, sales tactics, and positioning, then join us at the place where Public Sector sales and Marketing converge, GAIN!”

Lisa Shea Mundt
Co-Founder, The Pulse of GovCon LLC

GAIN June Agenda:

Registration and Networking

Kick off the day with a strong start and even stronger coffee. Join us early to get signed in, learn more about what to expect of your time at GAIN 2022 and catch up on some long overdue networking alongside your peers.

Welcome and Housekeeping

Welcome to the 7th Annual GAIN Conference! It has been a while since we've all been together and we are so excited to be back. We will use this time to give you insight into what to expect for the day and go over any safety and well being procedures.

Visionary Keynote

State of the Industry: Reflections and Predictions

A look back at the first half of the year and look forward to what is to come as we lead into heavy SLG and Federal buying times. Where are the dollars? Where will they align to government missions? Make sure your marketing teams are set to follow the trends and sales and business development representatives are engaged at the right levels and right times.

Session Opening Remarks

Carmel McDonaghYes& Agency

Federal Systems Integrator Roundtable

Real talk about how SIs are functioning/evolving and how you can align your business development and marketing strategies to foster these important relationships.

This panel of former CEOs will share their perspectives on the future of government contracting and the evolving role of systems integrators. They’ve been in the trenches and will share candid insights on what the contracting community is doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Networking & Exhibit Hall Experience

Take a quick break, find a new peer to connect with, and explore the exhibit hall to learn more about our sponsors who helped make this event possible.

Breakout Session 1

It’s time to hone in on the expertise in the room and learn from one another. Our first of two breakout sessions provides facilitated discussions on the power of partnering, how to accelerate innovation and cost savings, and steps for implementing high growth strategies.

GAIN attendees will:

  • Ask questions and consider perspectives from peers;
  • Contribute ideas and demonstrate their own thought leadership; and
  • Further their learning through application and discussion.

Partnering for the Win
Streaming in Classroom A

You are not in this alone. Consider this work a team sport. Aligning yourself with the right people, technology and resources will only get you further.

In this discussion, attendees will explore:

  • Having the right partners for being the preferred prime;
  • Leveraging technology alliances to support mission critical needs; and
  • Creating compelling asset-focused approaches aligned to RFPs.

Eric McGraneGDIT

Jennifer FolsomICF Next

Mary Lou PrevostSplunk

High Growth Strategies
Streaming in the Vault

Delivering transformative growth requires the whole enterprise to act in concert - from the marketing and sales teams that drive customer acquisition, to the product and services leaders who deliver the customer experience, to the customer service staff who help ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Join this conversation to:

  • Share the growth benefits to both organizations and your customers; and
  • Outline the steps to creating a robust pipeline, reducing your time to revenue and building to scale.

Judy BradtSummit Insight

Meghan HilbrunerChenega Technical Innovations

Government Buyers Journey Study

brought to you by Market Connections

Market Connections’ Federal Information Technology (FIT) series is designed to help you get closer to your federal technology customer. In the next study of the series, The FIT Buyer Journey will take federal contractors through their customer’s unique buyer journey to uncover the key influences and information needed to help guide them to final selection of IT products and services. Surveying federal IT professionals, the study will uncover:

  • Who the key stakeholders are during each stage of the journey;
  • Where they are going for information during the journey; and
  • The types of information they find most valuable throughout the journey. 

Whether your focus is maximizing each marketing dollar spent, developing products most aligned with your customer needs, or equipping agencies with mission critical resources, this study’s results will provide the deep guidance you’re looking for on the right targets, avenues and formats to be focusing resources. Join the conversation to dive deeper into the minds of federal IT professionals

Session Opening Remarks

Erica GlotfeltyArtForm Agency

Email and Social Media Break

Pause for a stretch break, quick check of those emails and don’t forget to light up your network with a recap of the morning. We’re excited to be back in person and ready to share the possibilities of hybrid collaboration!

Speed Networking

Jump back into networking, it’s been awhile! We’re here to make the process easier. Speed networking is just like speed dating but with the goal of forging professional connections. Each group will have ten minutes to get to know each other before moving on to the next “date.” 

Use this time to:

  • Expand your network; 
  • Ask questions and fill a knowledge gap; and 
  • Practice intentional relationship building.
Lunch: Topic Tables led by Community Thought Leaders
  1. Join your peers and thought leaders in the field over lunch to discuss the hot topics of the year. What trends are leaders anticipating and how is the industry staying equipped to tackle these changes? What are your priorities and what might you be missing? Fuel up for the afternoon on food and great conversation. Leave lunch better prepared for the year ahead.Participants will:
    • Develop intentional relationships with peers;
    • Look behind the curtain to gain a better understanding of how thought leaders are interpreting trends and preparing for the future; and
    • Confirm priorities for the year ahead. 

    Topics will include: 

    • CX Executive Order;
    • Cybersecurity;
    • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics;
    • Automation;
    • Infrastructure Bill;
    • Trends and Forecasting; and
    • Alternative Ways that Government Agencies Purchase.
Breakout Session 2: Market Intelligence Briefs

Taking a step past the high level trends, we’re equipping you with the data and insights you need to prepare for a successful year end. Explore each corner of the market (Federal, DOD and Intel, and SLG) to leave with a comprehensive understanding of your customers, clients and competitors. 

Alongside your peers, you will:

  • Combine data with actionable analytics to better understand your target audience;
  • Identify your customers’ values; and
  • Improve your decision making based on environmental changes.

Federal - Streaming in the Vault

Kevin P. YoungKPYoung & Associates, Inc.

Nate NashGovTribe

Susan RoseGovExec

DoD and Intel - Streaming in Classroom A

David HutchinsGovExec

Guy C. BeougherDoD/Federal Logistics,
Supply Chain and Energy

SLG - Streaming in Classroom B

Aaron HeffronMarket Connections

Elle HempenGovExec, The Atlas for Cities

Networking & Exhibit Hall Experience

By now, you’ve connected with many of your fellow GAIN attendees and sponsors. Take this time to stretch your legs and hear more from the great minds in the room. We encourage you to explore an exhibit you haven’t yet made it to.

Mergers and Acquisitions

2021 proved to be a busy year for mergers and acquisitions with over 190 deals finalized. Still, there are many questions about what happens behind the scenes. What lessons can be learned from this busy year and what should you know about the process? In this conversation, we’re walking through the art of the deal, from start to finish and beyond. 

Listen in on conversations covering:

  • How to prepare and position yourself appropriately well before an acquisition;
  • The deal itself; and
  • What’s next? What does integration look like and how do you keep customers informed?


Government Innovators Panel

The movers and shakers in their industry bring reality to innovation by reimagining processes, reinventing strategy, and rebuilding from the ground up. Incremental innovations are all around us, but breakthrough changes - the kind that leverage new technologies and business models to drive down costs, increase accessibility, and improve services - are often attributed to private sector wins. As government leaders continue to look to these wins to inform their own approach to innovation, they bring together the strengths of one industry with the unique insights of another.

This panel of government and industry change agents will go beyond the discussion of the “what” behind innovation and  instead focus on the “how.” Join this conversation with the movers and shakers themselves to hear how they are making things happen through people, process and technology.

GAIN attendees will:

  1. Identify the common barriers to innovation in government and the tools or technology necessary for overcoming them.
  2. Understand how the public sector can solve problems to realize long term benefits and capture the full potential of modernization efforts.

Session Opening Remarks

Jeffrey WolinskyWTOP & Federal News Network

The 2022 Top 100: The Big Reveal

Enjoy cocktails and networking as we unveil the 2022 Washington Technology Top 100. These are the companies that dominate the government market and are the gateway to growing business in the federal sector.

This reception will feature a Top 10 countdown of the largest contractors on the list, who capture billions in prime contracts each year from defense and civilian agencies.

The countdown will be followed by a one-on-one interview with a leading CEO from the Top 10 who will share insights on their strategy, challenges and trends impacting the entire market. This will be an in-depth discussion with exclusive insights into how a leading company is positioning itself for success in the market.

  • 4:00 - 4:30 PM: Registration
  • 4:30 - 5:00 PM: Welcome & Unveiling the Top 10
    • This is the big reveal where we recognize the top 10 prime contractors of 2022. These are the biggest of the big and represent the range of products and services contractors provide to the federal government. Joe Sangiuliano, Vice President of Business Development, Red Hat, will announce the Top 10.
  • 5:00 - 5:30 PM: Q&A with Amy Gilliland
    • Amy Gilliland, president of General Dynamics IT, runs one of the largest information technology operations in the federal market, covering civilian, defense and intelligence agencies. From that position, she has a unique perspective on what the customer needs, the challenges they face and how contractors can step up to meet those needs and challenges. She’ll share insights on emerging technology and business trends and how the market is evolving.
  • 5:30 - 7:00 PM: Networking


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“Carahsoft was thrilled to be a sponsor of Government Marketing University’s GAIN Conference, the largest gathering of government marketers! Sponsoring this event allowed our team to hear from other marketing professionals, learn from their experiences, and innovate for the future. We’re already looking forward to the 2022 event and seeing everyone in person!”
– Molly Tomevi, Director, Marketing, Carahsoft
“ZOOM Government was proud to be a GAIN Sponsor. We were looking to increase our credibility with our brand and Government Marketing University offers visibility across the government marketing community that cannot be found with any other sponsorship. GAIN put ZOOM Government at the forefront of our target audience due to their broad exposure not only during GAIN but also thru visibility on their multiple digital and social media platforms. We look forward to partnering with GMarkU at future GAIN events and other innovative sponsorship opportunities to help us grow within the public sector market.”
– Stephen Ellis, Government Marketing Manager

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Current state and local regulations allow participants who are not able to be fully vaccinated to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test in lieu of proof of full vaccination. Testing must be conducted within 72 hours before event start time (both PCR and antigen are acceptable). Results of the test must be available prior to entry into the event or venue. A printed document from the test provider or laboratory, or an electronic test result displayed on a phone or other device from the test provider or laboratory are required. The information must include the person's name, type of test performed, and negative test result.

CDC recommends wearing a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Health & Safety

We have taken enhanced health and safety measures and require all persons to follow posted instructions while attending GAIN 2022. You must agree to abide by all GAIN 2022 and Capital One Hall safety protocols, and follow applicable safety precautions.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

By attending GAIN 2022 you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Please help keep each other healthy. To learn more about our Well-being Code of Conduct, please click here.
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